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my name is Jonathan Hollingsworth i'm 29 yrs old and i'm currently living in the beautiful city of Spokane Washington. Originally from Healdsburg California where i was born and raised until i was about 10 then my parents moved to Washington so i guess i had to come :) I am currently a Comcast employee where i do all kinds of installs and service calls for customer support and am living life one day at a time. Hoping one day to full fill my dreams of being a full time musician! I recently discovered a knack for writing so i'm giving this a shot... i will get more in depth with my bio soon :) laters! oh and make sure to check out my Blog pages! :)

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How to Make Coffee Tips, And Tricks
COFFEE BREWING LESSONS 101 Here are just a few tips and factors that may improve your at home coffee brewing experiance. When i first started making my own coffee i was disappointed many many times over until i learned a few tips and tricks in the art of coffee brewing!…
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