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Hello everyone....Jonathan here and I just joined Street Articles 2 weeks ago. I love the atmosphere here as far as helping people with articles and meeting new people to connect with and hear feedback from whenever I may post an article or give my very own feedback to anyone of you.

I'm a senior mechanical engineering college student at Virginia Commonwealth University and while I do have a basic 9 to 5 right now, I have dreams and aspirations to achieve more through affiliate marketing and once I gain some status myself, I would love to help others as well.

I'm a down home country boy who just wants to help out my family so my parents don't have to worry about anything anymore and I want to provide an amazing life for my future fiance. I know that being here will help me in the long run and once again I look forward speaking with anyone of you in any form of feedback or whatever! Talk to you soon :)

Borderlands 2 Release Date
Borderlands introduced us to the genre coined "role playing shooter," and ever since it's original release in October of 2009, it as been credited with being one of the best games of all time. It featured online up to 4 players, 2 player split screen co-op offline, and non stop…
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Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death
Most homes today own either a nintendo wii, playstation 3, xbox 360, or a combination of systems depending on how much you love video games (I know I do lol). Non the less, my focus for this topic is on the playstation 3 as I didn't realize how great of…
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Battlefield 3: A Definitive Strategy Guide
Every since it's release on 10/25/2011, Battlefield 3 has become one of the world's top first person shooters. From it's vast array of weapons and vehicles, to the environments around the players, battlefield is truly an amazing experience. I know a lot of gamers (especially myself) want to always be…
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Video Game Tips And Strategies - Battlefield 3
I want to start of by saying that battlefield 3 is an AWESOME game...guns, vehicles, explosions, who wouldn't enjoy a wonderful experience. What makes it even better is playing with friends and family online and taking on others in team style combat. While this may be true, it is a…
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