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I used to be a technical support professional for a large US based computer company. I decided to leave my job and work from home instead when I had my son. My work at home jobs include writing articles and providing customer service to a few online clients. My favorite topics include anything that falls within motherhood and babies. Being a mother has not changed my interests in computers and gadgets either, as I know that in my son's generation the technological advancements will blow us all away. So, I'm finding that researching and writing about technology is a good way of keeping up to date. I also love to write about my experiences as a mother. When I was still pregnant with my little boy, I realized how new and exciting the experience was and I scoured the internet and asked my mommy friends for anything that would tell me about what to expect during and after my pregnancy. I have decided to share what I have learned and am learning through my journey as a mother, especially that I know there are many moms out there who would love to read about another mom's experiences.
Choosing A Router for Your Home Network: Wireless-g Vs Wireless-n
When buying your first wireless router, the search will often boil down to a choice between two basic types -- Wireless-G routers and Wireless-N routers. Wireless G and Wireless N actually refer to two different wireless communication standards that presently dominate the market for wireless fidelity (WiFi) devices. Wireless-N routers…
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A Guide In Choosing A Laptop for A Mobile Professional
Mobile professionals work and travel a lot. Choosing a laptop for one requires careful thinking. Considerations have to be made for a mobile professional’s specific computing needs. Since they are always on the go, high mobility laptops are in order. To find that perfect fit, we must determine the kind…
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Pregnancy Discomforts And How To Deal With Them
Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. Albeit that, there are discomforts that dot this journey to motherhood. Whether it's you, your partner, your daughter, your sister, friend or even surrogate who is pregnant, there are tips for everyone to help in easing these pregnancy discomforts. Morning sickness,…
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Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms: Am I Really Pregnant?
Did you miss your period? Have you been feeling light-headed recently? Do you suddenly have an irrational aversion to certain food? You might be pregnant! Let me list the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy: Headaches. Now, now... this symptom is a popular one. If you have a headache, it…
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Pregnancy Test Kit Accuracy
I jumped up and down happily when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test strip. It seemed that the lines were the "equals" sign in math, telling me that two pink lines equals bun in the oven. A moment later I began to doubt the accuracy of the…
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