Joseph Nabin (Street Articles Author)

I'm Joseph N. Nabin, owner of Affiliate Talkshop and co-founder of Pledge Ghana - a nonprofit organization. I am a successful and independent development worker looking to influence the lives of the less privileged through online and offline wealth creation

I've a background in Development Work, with years of experience working for the International Labour Organization. That's where my passion to effect real and meaningful change for the rural poor in Africa took shape. My father was a successful farmer and contributed his quota to the global food basket while my mother supported him her entire life.

I created Affiliate talkshop to bridge the gap between internet affiliate businesses and access to credible and reliable information and technology to those looking to share in online revenue. We're a small entity with big ideas utilizing affiliate marketing to build online and offline affiliate business opportunities. We host webinars, live streaming of audio and video, power point presentations and speeches on techniques in recruiting downlines both online and offline.

I co-founded Pledge Ghana where we fight poverty by focusing on support to smallholder farmers and rural families to sustainably transition intergenerational skill sets and leverage global food supply chain opportunities through farmer aggregation and linkage to global businesses

It is on record that at any given night, nearly 800 million people across the globe go to bed hungry, most of them smallholder farmers who depend on agriculture to make a living and feed their families according to the USAID. In order to feed a population expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, the world will have to double its current food production.

You'll find it satisfying and fulfilling helping out this cause, in my Live Chat, blog and websites in every way possible. It is my goal to help absolutely everyone here as well and will therefore be grateful if you leave your comments on my posts, sites and blogs anywhere.

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