Joseph Primm (Street Articles Author)

Joseph Primm (1960-Present) was born in Fremont, Nebraska, to parents with great life stories. Growing up on a farm near Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, he left that farm for college in 1978. While he never looked back, he did not forget the lessons learned. Today he writes a daily blog called Primms Attitude ( and speaks wherever people will listen.

All the while he holds a job he has had for thirty years in the technology field traveling to all four corners of the earth giving him a unique perspective on people and their stories. These stories have produced the content for his blog articles and the books he writes.

His first book, "Attitude In Words" provides a daily perspective on living life. With his second book, "Changed Lives" gives you a glimpse into his life and that of other people during crucial changes that turned their lives around. And his third book, "Live The Journey" is a map to help guide you to your destination by inspiring, motivating, and pulling you from being mired in the mud.

His newest offering "Love Is" helps you understand what real love is in your life. If you have looked through all of the clinical books, watched documentaries and even looked in all of the wrong places; there is one place you may have forgotten to look. This book provides advice on sex, marriage, friends, and even money. That book is the Bible and it has a lot to say on many of these topics, including love.

"Love Is" will take you on one man's journey to find out what love really is. It will explore his life, the stories of others and take a close look at the greatest love story ever told. So open yourself to a different and very real way of understanding what love is. After reading this book, I feel confident you will have found one of the greatest things in life, which is love.

Secure Bonds
As I write today, I am flying at 35,000 feet above the plains of Nebraska. I am in fact directly above the city of Fremont, Nebraska; the city I was born in so many years ago. The features of the landscape are of course flat and more non-descript than anything.…
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Adventure In A Cemetery
You have read the title and now you are thinking he must be crazy. Why would anyone want to take a stroll through an old cemetery? What on God's green earth could I be thinking about to make this a vacation stop this summer? Well, if you have adventure on…
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Character And Goals
A friend of mine once said "every goal has a cost." I have always associated my goals with that one understanding. In order to achieve something in life, it is likely that I will have to give up some things along the way. That tends to stand in the way…
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Pong Today
Bloop...bloop...bloop...bloop That is the only words I can use to simulate the sound of PONG. Probably not a very good presentation of it but it sounds right in my mind. You do remember that very early game, created in 1972 by Allan Alcorn who worked at Atari. It was a…
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What Kind Of Car Should I Choose
I am here to ask your advice about something. Ever since I received my learner's driver license and before that, I have been driving and enamored by cars. No, I am not one of those car junkies that knows everything there is to know about a car. I do not…
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Dog Days
So what can I say about the dogs in my life? Are they just companions in life or are they more human like? How do you treat your own pets? For me I have to go way back to my early childhood. In fact, the first pet that I am…
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Crosshaven Ireland
What more can I tell you of Ireland without sounding like a member of the visitor's bureau? When I speak of Ireland, I speak of nearly half my ancestry. There is German and Danish in my family but the Irish in me tends to jump out more often. I have…
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Video Conferencing In the Workplace
The group I work within has twelve people working in it and we are scattered all around. There are folks in different places here in the United States, China, Germany, France and England. Our cultures are as diverse as the languages and accents. Each week we hold a group meeting…
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Prostate Exam
***This article contains graphic language of a medical nature.*** It was scheduled as a typical medical examination. You came to see your family doctor to get your blood pressure checked, maybe some blood drawn and the general "how do you do" visit. The exam was nearly over when your doctor…
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Step By Step to Success
My wife and I have a video of our one-year old grand daughter during her first attempts at walking. The smart phone age is a wonderful and perfect medium for capturing these life events. You can watch as she tentatively moves along the coffee table, keeping her legs stiff and…
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