Josh18 (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I'm Josh. I have had an interest in artistic endeavours for a long time, but only now, later in life am I actually turning that interest into actions and doing.

I have always been a sketcher and doodler in fits and starts and have written things on an off for as long as I can remember. First story I can remember writing was about a claustrophobic mole while I was at school.

I don't feel like one of those artists that says they have been drawing and painting since they could hold a brush. I feel like I am discovering it slowly, more like I am growing into it.

This is part of that process, combining my writing and my arts interests and I am sure in time some of my non-arts interests will get written about too.

Hope you enjoy my articles and get something of value out of them.

Thanks for reading.

What is A Graphic Novel ?
You can’t talk about what a graphic novel is without talking at least a little bit about comics because very basically it is a type of comic. We are all familiar with some kind of comic or another. They tell their story using illustrations or photos or other graphic media,…
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