Joshua Jones (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I'm Josh. As of right now I'm a Sheriff's Deputy/Detention Officer. I've been in this profession going on 3 years. Being in law enforcement is very stressful and with that being said I'm looking to escape it in the next 6 months by being successful online.

I'm extremely passionate about online and affiliate marketing even though I'm very new and I've learned a whole lot in the last 2 months. I've worked hard thus far and I am seeing some fruit from that I hope continues to grow and expand. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me as an entrepreneur and how I develop physically, mentally and financially.

I'm the youngest of 3 sons and I've been married just over a year to my beautiful bride Jessica. I look forward to a long, healthy, prosperous life with her, God and my family.

The person I am today is because of God and everything He's done for me and the love and upbringing given to me by my loving family. I love them both so very much.

Thanks for reading my articles. I hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy my articles and find them very informative and helpful.

I'm the Founder of As of today 11-3-2014, my site is currently not finished. I'm still building out the content on a daily basis. Thanks again for reading.

Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Review
In this Muscle Pharm Combat Protein review I'll discuss this, just one of the many amazing products that Muscle Pharm manufactures. Muscle Pharm Combat Protein is the protein supplement in the line of products that Muscle Pharm develops. In this review I'll cover the good and the bad as well…
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Wealthy Affiliate Vs Empower Network/ipas2
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Importance Of Setting Attainable Goals
In this journey that we partake in called life, there are some things that are of utmost importance to us. One of those things that's always foremost in mind is goal setting. But not just simply goal setting but goal setting that brings about a continual sense of accomplishment. Its…
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Protein Supplementation: Biggest Misconception
There is a BIG misconception among most women as it refers to protein supplementation of what actually happens when and if they decide to start taking a protein supplement. I've heard everything from "I don't want to take protein because I'll end up having big muscles" to "I'll get fat…
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