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I am 36 years old and live in Alaska with my awesome lady and our two wonderful sons. After more than a decade of career academia intermittently broken by periods of labor and entrepreneurism, I recently started writing again. When I'm not gold mining I intend on pursuing online journalism and marketing because I really enjoy them. I look forward to conducting some good journalism and writing stories that are captivating and fun to cover, a dream that I have always shared with my brother. Currently I'm writing fiction stories and poetry for submission to a quarterly ezine, "The Rag", which I hope are accepted and people will love! :) It's just another day in Paradise, so ride with the Light! Ciao

Value Vs Worth
One article, Trump The Chump - From Business Hero To Groupon Bust, struck a cord with me and I thought I'd add my own "two cents" on the topic of value vs worth. When you look into the mirror do you ask yourself , "Where is the money?" to determine…
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Mining Companies: Prepare Now For Compliance to 2012 Msha Regulations
In the coming months small-time miners all throughout Alaska and the northwest will be gearing up for that most anticipated day of the year: the first day we can "break ground". All the anticipation and seemingly dauntless list of "things to do", equipment to ready or purchase, and documents to…
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