Jovo Medojevic,Ph.D (Street Articles Author)

The Day When Everyone Was Happy
After the end of the World War II, Bijelo Polje, like many other areas of former Yugoslavia was a poor place, without electricity, water supply, public bathhouses. It was the area which resembled dark vilayet from the novelettes of author Risto Ratkovic . There were two districts, known in public…
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Balkan Life Story
The memories on Bijelo Polje (town in Montenegro) of the thirties of this century left but a fade traces. Just some memories on singing and joy. The life was something that made people hide their desire for joy. The songs could be rarely heard, but on the wedding celebrations. That…
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The Story Of Family Life Of Gypsies In the Republic Of Montenegro
The origin of gypsies was insufficiently known way until the second half of the 18th century. The data on these people spread all over the world were scarce, but on basis of rather numerous and systematic studies of characteristics and independence of gypsies, it was scientifically proved that these people…
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