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Million Woman March In Ohio Is Needed
The election is behind us and none too soon. We were inundated with robocalls, political polls and such, for over six months, with no way to curtail the onslaught. All who have access to a computer or television can see how each state's majority voted in the election. The congressional…
By:  in  Womens Interests   Nov 16, 2012  
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Traditional America
Thank you, American voters for your endurance and patriotism. We've delivered again, to the United States the best person to represent our "traditional America". It's not one that Bill O'Riley recognizes, but its one the majority knows so well and our forefathers would be proud of, as it's still the…
By:  in  Politics   Nov 10, 2012  
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Money Talks! Still Walker Walks!
People of Wisconsin, can you really be bought? Scott Walker represents “big money” to the max. Union and non Union voters should let their vote speak for democracy and what’s right for all citizens. What’s right is each person having a voice in the state. The old cliché, “Money talks,…
By:  in  Politics   May 23, 2012  
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The Ticks Of Politics
Our political arena could benefit with a massive research into finding a way to control its recent influx of tics. Two namely tics are; poli-tics and luni-tics, they're destroying our government and its professional operation that we used to be accustomed to. Some might blame this awful epidemic of tics…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 25, 2011  
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God I Love My Dog!
I didn't want a dog, but my daughter insisted that I take one of her six puppies. I traveled five hours to her home and she had a dog picked out for me, She named her Daisy and she was the only pup with a wavy black coat. As we…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Aug 22, 2011  
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Raising Them Up!
How does inflicting pain upon a child intentionally, help the child? I do understand the fundamentals of spanking. I got my share as a child of ten and gave my children their share also. The thought of inflicting pain never occurred to me, either in the receiving mode or the…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Aug 19, 2011  
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Whats In It For Me?
The economy of the US and many other area’s in the world is at a low. Often when strapped with hard times, its possible for some to reflect upon the finer things in life, things that money can’t buy: Having a family gathering, taking a trip to the river, fishing…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 18, 2011  
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