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First to provide you with a short bio about me. A middle aged man who has had Diabetes Type One for over 40 years now. A laid back, chilled out, relaxing guy who really enjoys making people smile. I live in the United Kingdom near the great city of London but my itchy feet are beginning to call me to move.

My range of writing stretches from children’s books through to desirable web copy for you. I enjoy writing articles ranging from Diabetes right through to Canvas Printing. Covering all available niches.

I would imagine that like most writers my love of reading helps my writing skills. I started reading as a youngster and thought my love of reading has never left me I do wish that I could find the time to read more fiction. Perhaps I should write more story telling books?!?

I enjoy travelling and I am lucky that within my career I am able to traverse the globe and still keep my clients satisfied with quality writing supplied.

As a certified NLP Practitioner I can write words that invoke feeling and that compels readers to press the sign-up link, buy now button, more information link, etc etc.

The issue is not what I have done for my clients but what I can do for you to unleash you from your writing tasks.

Thanks for reading

Jason Saggs Who quite simply rocks at writing.

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The Great Spirit Of the Red Indians
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How to Choose Equipment for Your Home Gym
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Living With Diabetes Mellitus Type One
Good day to you. My name is Jason a 44 year old male. For the past 42 years of my life I have been living with Diabetes Mellitus Type One. In this article I am going to cover how to control blood sugar levels. A brief look at long term…
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