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My name is Jeremy. I’m a 30-something single dad who works in IT. I love my job but don’t love the hours and the pay could be a little more. But when can’t it, right? Like a lot of people, too many really, I’ve wasted a lot of money trying different methods of making money both offline and online. I even relocated for what I thought was a better job. By making the wrong decisions I put myself deep into debt and my credit score dropped to a score I didn’t know existed.

I've created a website to document my journey to financial freedom. I'm currently two weeks into my journey. I also plan to share money saving tips and ways I find to make extra money.

-JT Founder - MoneySavingDad.com

Money Saving Apps
I'm still searching for money saving apps that actually work. So far I have found 2 the work. I've used them together at Target and one at several other stores. Cartwheel The first app is Cartwheel from Target. You can browse several discounts and add the ones you plan on…
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Saving Money By Cooking at Home
If you're like me, it's not always easy to cook at home. You get home after a long day at work, the kids need help with homework, it's just so much easier to order pizza or go out. I get it, I've done that all too often. I didn't realize…
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