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I am a career marketer. I spent 30 years working in corporate America, mostly in international marketing, traveling the world for close to 25 years.

After retirement I turned to Internet marketing. While there are some similarities, Internet marketing is a specialized field and requires a different set of skills. I've spent the last 5 years learning these skills from various sources, including one-on-one mentoring. The mentoring is extremely valuable since it allows you to learn the finer points and IM strategies, not normally taught in courses you might buy.

I also have an interest in the weight loss niche.

Some 7+ years ago, I discovered an eating plan that allowed me to lose over 75 pounds in under 6 months. Best of all, I kept my target weight for over 7 years, fluctuating no more than 2 pounds up or down from my target weight.

The “secret” to my eating plan is very simple. It consists of always eating a protein whenever you eat a carbohydrate. The reason for this is to keep your metabolism at an elevated rate.

The concept is very simple, but as the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.”

The details are not difficult, but they revolve around learning which foods are best to eat to lose weight, and which foods you should avoid.

Prior to retirement, I visited over 50 countries while in international marketing. I made many wonderful friends in many different cultures.

Along with the travel came the necessity of eating “on the road.” So controlling my weight was never easy. Especially, since I enjoyed experimenting with the tastes of so many different cuisines around the world.

Most everyone is familiar with the various outstanding European cuisines. And these days, people in the US are becoming very fond of Thai food. But, did you know that Malaysian food is spicy like Thai food, but different yet absolutely delicious?

Then there is Middle Eastern food which is mouthwatering, but quite unique.


The best, huge steak I can remember eating was in an unpretentious sidewalk cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And to top it all, it was dirt cheap!

I was born in Southern Chile, and I am of German decent. So as I grew up, I was exposed to my mother’s wonderful cooking. She cooked many delicious German dishes, and lots of other dishes which were a combination of German and Chilean cuisine.

Did I mention that Chile produces outstanding wines?

May be in sharing some of my background you are discovering the root of my past weight problems. I love to eat!

I now live in San Diego, California where you can find some of the best Mexican food North of the border.

But there is a large Asian population in San Diego, so you can find outstanding Thai food, Vietnamese food, Filipino food, Chinese food, Japanese food… I think I just gained 5 pounds just thinking about these wonderful international cuisines.

When I first came to the US, a long time ago, I soon discovered the best American dish, chili, or more correctly, chile con carne.

For the longest time I thought that chili was of Mexican origin, but as best as I can tell, its roots are in the American Southwest, so chili is as American as apple pie, another one of my favorites (provided I can put some vanilla ice cream on it!)

To know Me, you must know the essence of my personal philosophy:

"What I Want For Myself, I Want For Everybody."

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