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hello there. As you can see above, im Judy, I never in a million yrs, thought i would ever be here clicking away baring my soul.Before i go on, i have to tell you that my spelling, i absolutely awful! Why am i here you might ask. to be honest, i really dont know yet.Apart from letter writing,(yes, i am one of the rare few, still writing on a sheet of parchment paper lol)i never write anything.I have only just recently learned how to use a laptop, thanks to my 15 yr old daughter Jasmin. im a single mum ,so we are very close. Mind you, she finds the very idea of her mum, doing something like this, hilarious! One month ago i stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate by accident. lol, i have been here since. i am working on my website cobbleyourhealth.com ( i purchased my domain today.) i hope to be telling people about nutrition, illness

Quit Smoking? No Way!
WHEN DID I START. If your a smoker, how many time's have people advised you on the thing's you should DO WHEN YOU CAN'T QUIT SMOKING ? In my case, it must have been hundreds of times. Not once did anyone stop a think about what it's like to be…
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Is Smoking Bad for Crohns Disease
WHY SMOKE? I bet you are peeking at this article wanting to ask me IS SMOKING BAD FOR crohns disease. Secretly hoping that i am going to say, smoke away. But, sorry, it would be unfair of me to lie to you. I will start by telling you that i…
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