Julius Ipoola (Street Articles Author)

Julius Ipoola is a level-headed, amiable, and diligent gentleman of Nigerian origin. He is a graduate of Economics, Marketing and Business Administration from three Nigerian Universities. A chartered marketer and member of National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN).

He has worked as Marketing Executive in three different Nigerian companies from 1987 to 2011. His last job position was Regional Sales Manager-North for Smart Mark Limited a company representing L'Oreal SA and Nike Inc. in Nigeria.

Julius Ipoola resigned his paid employment in September 2011 after putting in 24 years in other to have more time for his online internet marketing works. He is a poet, a blogger, a drama minister and public issues analyst. Some of his poems could be found on one of his blog: http://mypoeticworldforgreaternaija.blogspot.com

He is married with children.

Online Internet Success Through Affiliate Marketing
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The Hard Nut Of Life
A poet has a lot going on inside his mind, heart, and head. There is always a background to the expressions of his/her thoughts in a poetic form. It could be a past or recent experience, or observation, a deep-rooted cause, reflections even it could be sheer inspiration that could…
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Poets And Their Poetry
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