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HI, my name is Justin and my favorite cartoon is Adventure Time! My heart is set on pursuing internet marketing and a career in art, but I just never find the mindset to actually do it. The economy recession today is hard on everyone making it hard to want to have a career in anything that doesn't seem big. The internet is so large and tantalizing, but staring at a glowing rectangle all day is bound to cause health problems in the future so I keep my computer time on the low down. I plan to enlist in the army after I graduate. Anyways my current hobbies are learning photoshop and how to draw as I really CANNOT draw. I also plan to master animation using adobe flash. I'm strict concerning health, but I also get lazy a lot and procrastinate like most human beings. I have always thought I was a pretty straight-forward guy, but life can be complicated and I only have so much energy so I try to be as healthy as possible to complement my lethargy. On another note, I like to help others and that's why I'm interested in internet marketing. There is also a thrill in knowing people are reading your website/article. I'm not a great teacher, but I know what it's like to struggle on learning the basics and I can explain things pretty well. Its not like anyone is reading this so I'll stop here. Have a good day!

~Justin Bae

Sleeping With Good Posture
It is fair to say that the average person spends one-thirds of their day sleeping, that is to be exact 8 hours. Wouldn't you like to know how to make good use of that 8 hours? And start off the next day feeling great. Everybody has experienced the back pain…
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Trading Up On Craigslist
I recently read an article about a teenager named Ortiz who traded up on Craigslist from a Phone to a Porsche in two years. I thought, if he could do it, so can I. So I decided to try it out because I had free time and a lot of…
By:  in  Investing  >  Day Trading   Sep 22, 2012  
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Personal High Blood Pressure Account
What is High Blood Pressure you ask? I could tell you its the effect of fat and cholesterol stiffening up the arteries, but that's not what it's really about. High Blood Pressure can affect your life in many negative ways and I've experienced it first-hand. Flushing up red in your…
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Adventure Time
This show is awesome. I will admit, when I first saw this cartoon advertised on cartoon network I was asking "What is this garbage", "What is with cartoons nowadays?". Now, it's one of my favorite graphics animated toons! So What got me into it? The truth is I stumbled onto…
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Know Your Tea
I'm just an average guy living in an average urban area, but I'm striving to become healthier in all ways possible; mind and body. When I started my personal health regime, I drank around 8 cups of water a day and eventually I started to seek ways to incorporate herbal…
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Joining Rotc In College
What is ROTC? ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps and it is a program that trains students to become officers in the military force. The ROTC is a program eminent in several colleges throughout the nation and continues to be the most popular officer training device. I am writing…
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