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Hi, My name is Katie L. Champion, I was born in Kettering, Ohio and grew up in Dayton, Ohio where I lived most of my life. After I turned 18 years old, I moved out and been on my own ever since. I had 3 of my children in Ohio. I had to move to NJ in 1993 because of the family business my ex-husband's dad owned. In 1995 I had my last child here in New Jersey. I been in NJ now for 19 years and it is a whole different lifestyle then Ohio. Here it is a more fast paced lifestyle and I love the fact that Atlantic City, Philadelphia New York, and Delaware are all kinda Close. Now I'm divorced and all my Children are pretty much grown. My oldest Son Jeremy who is 24 stays with me for now and getting ready to go back to college this fall in Pasadena, CA, Michael 23 is working hard and lives with his girlfriend here in Burlington, NJ, Nicole 18 is away at college at Miami University in Oxford,OH, and Chelsea 16 moved back to Ohio with her daddy in Kettering,Ohio. I got divorced in 2005 and ended up staying in NJ.

My Hobbies are: wine, cooking, socializing with good people, reading things to my interest,going to the shore, music,football, internet,fb,twitter,internet marketing,bowling, and trying to learn something new every day.

I graduated from Dayton, OH Patterson Cooperative High School took Business also graduated from Empire Beauty School for Cosmetology

Putting Rubber Tips on My Two Cat's Skiibowski And Milky Was No Picnic
Oh my word, I bought these rubber tips for my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky to see if it would help them stop scratching my furniture and all I can say is "wow." I got super glue all over, my fingers were sticking together and between the both of them…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Apr 05, 2012  
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My Cat's Name Should Be Slurbowski Instead Of Skiibowski
My cat Skiibowski is the lickiest cat I have ever seen. He will lick himself to death, this is alway's done when he is ready to lay down or go to sleep. Then he will get up to lick himself even more. The funny thing is he is not a…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 12, 2012  
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I Bought A New Cat Bed That is Not Even Getting Used
I bought my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky a new cat bed to sleep in because they out grew the other one. Do you think they sleep in the new one? "Of course not." Well, I felt sorry for my two cat's after observing the way they fall asleep in…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 12, 2012  
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My cat Skiibowski loves to play fetch with his sparkle blue ball, I swear he is part dog
We play fetch every day with my cat Skiibowski and it is the funniest thing ever. Everyone that comes over says there is no way. Well, when I show them they laugh and can't believe it either. I through the ball anywhere in the house and he will go retrieve…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 10, 2012  
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Changing My Mind on That Cat Leash Because Of One Comment That Tom Made
I went to PetSmart yesterday to get my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky some cat treats. Well, why I was there of course I ended up getting more than I was suppose to. It is just like any store you go to. I don't care if it is a grocery…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 09, 2012  
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Does Anyone Have A Cat That Can Open A Door? Well My Cat Skiibowski Can
Yes you read the title right! My cat Skiibowski can open doors. I keep both of my cat's in the basement at night so they are not running through the house, scratching the furniture, and walking on all the tables and counters looking for that one crumb. lol. I try…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 09, 2012  
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Why Whine Over Wine
Really there is no accounting for taste especially if you enjoy wine. I mean really who can say what goes on when wine meets palate? In years past, everyone who was anyone (at least that's what they thought) suggested the best wines came from France or Italy. The only other…
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   Mar 09, 2012  
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Milky And Skiibowski My Two Sneaky Cat's That Are Loved Unconditionally
My two cats are so sneaky and they get away with most of everything and anything. I love my Milky and Skiibowski and I think they are catching on to this. No matter what they know what is wrong and right, as soon as you take that one step away…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 07, 2012  
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How to Learn Photography And the Memories Behind Each Picture
Who doesn't like photography? It is an art to me. Pictures are everywhere! Internet, people's homes, wallets, desk at work, etc... Photography is a career for some people and other's just for fun. I have thought of making it one of my career's as well. You can scan your pictures…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Photography   Mar 06, 2012  
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Do You Know What You Will Have And Where You Will Be When It's Time to Retire?
Not everyone takes retirement seriously. Do you know what you will have and where you will be when it is time to retire? Well, I have and it is scary to even think about it. You start thinking of the "what if's". What if I become disabled or who is…
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My cat Skiibowski loves to play fetch with his sparkle blue ball, I swear he is part dog
We play fetch every day with my cat Skiibowski and it is the funniest thing ever. Everyone that comes…
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