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Hi! I'm Kate a budding writer from Australia still very much learning - I hope you enjoy my articles.

Health Benefits Of Red Wine
I enjoy a good old glass of wine when I get home from work, especially when I’m cooking dinner. I enjoy white, red and rose (obviously not at the same time!) but with all the health warnings that are put out there these days it was starting to make me…
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Improve Your Efficiency at Work
I work a 9-5 admin job and although I always turned up on time and never took any sick leave I always seemed to feel stuck in a rut. I never used to get any pay rises and was always looked over for promotion. Although I was a ‘reliable’ member…
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Rod Stewart Songs
Roderick David Stewart was born on 10th January 1945 in North London. Although he is around my parent's age, his songs kept coming onto the radio station that we listened to at work and before I knew it I was hooked by his raspy voice! After leaving school aged 15,…
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Jackie Collins Books
Jackie Collins - The Cool Bachelor In her own words Jackie Collins lives the life of a "cool bachelor" Married twice, Collins got divorced from her first husband Wallace Austin and her second husband Oscar Lerman sadly died from prostate cancer. The younger sister of Joan Collins, Jackie has written…
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Guilty TV Pleasure
Every Tuesday I have what I call my "guilty TV time". After I get home from work, dinner is cooked and everyone is fed and watered, the ironing gets put to one side and I pour myself a glass of chardonnay and watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians"!. Love them…
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