Keith Rickman (Street Articles Author)

Hi there, I am Keith, a very new author, and just started in the on-line business. I am interested in all aspects of life. As a more senior citizen I am particularly interested in helping anyone where I can, from my experiences in life so far. I am priveliged to have lived in fourteen countries and worked in forty two of them which has given me a very wide view of working with many cultures. I am a strong believer in always adopting a positive attitude, and smiling wherever possible even when life seems to deal you those difficulties and issues.

I am very keen to pass on my experience base and if you like help to further peoples education wherever I can. I have taught in many companies, and been a guest lecturer at University, and I get great pleasure out of doing this.

Learn A New Language In Retirement?
In previous articles I have looked at the issues of language learning, and also looked at the dreadfull prospect of retiring with nothing to do. Let's try and put these two thoughts together and suggest how good it is for retirees to learn a new language. What !! I can…
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Planning for Retirement - is it Just Financial?
If you do a keyword search on retirement you will see that by far the biggest return is for the financial side of retirement and there is no doubt that this is very important. Especially in these days of austerity, pension funds stopping taking more entrants, the prospect of having…
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Bosses Taking Pay Cuts - Do We Agree?
Just seen the news that the US Government has slashed Executive Pay at some Bailed out Firms. Also happened in Spain according to the news. In the UK political and public pressure has "forced" highly paid Executives to take serious reductions in bonuses or forego them altogether. The situation that…
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These Sunny Days Are Great Aren't They?
I am sitting here writing this piece with all the doors open, the windows also, and there is a nice refreshing breeze flowing through the house. The sun has been shining since we had our morning cuppa on the patio and it really is almost too hot to go outside.…
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A Foreign Language From the Age Of Five?
In the British press today the news is that the House of Lords committee is supporting the approach in the UK that all children should be taught a second language. This follows on from a similar message from the Government Minister in October 2011 that he believes all children should…
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Should I Learn A New Language?
Many of us will have learnt a second or even a third language at school, and if my personal experience is anything to go by it was not easy. I actually used to dread the language classes coming round at school as I had no aptitude for learning languages -…
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Should I Learn A New Language?
Many of us will have learnt a second or even a third language at school, and if my personal experience…
Five Ways to Think About Learning That New Language
Yesterday we talked about how there are benefits for those recently retired in learning a second language.…
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