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I am a university student who holds a bachelor of Human Kinetics and specializes in Clinical Exercise Physiology. I am also a certified fitness trainer. I utilize the information from my studies to formulate the best fitness and nutrition plans.

My path towards self improvement started with working out on a daily basis. I took pleasure in increasing my fitness and seeing my body adapt and transform. Though people encouraged me to flaunt my physique in a competitive environment, I was initially embarrassed and didn't believe I was capable. But as my fitness continued to improve day by day, my confidence slowly grew and I decided competitive bodybuilding would be a great way to challenge myself. As of now, I will be challenging myself to compete at next years WBFF (World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation).

One of my favorite bodybuilding quotes is “Remember that guy that gave up? No? Well, neither does anybody else.”

Sulfate Free Shampoo
Hair products like sulfate free shampoo have been making quite the impact on the beauty industry as of late. There are many benefits to using sulfate free hair products. If you're unsure whether you've been a victim of sulfates, look at the back of your shampoo bottle. You'll likely see…
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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoo
What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoo? Abbreviated SLS or SLES for short, sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent-like chemical that is put into shampoos to produce large amounts of foam, otherwise known as lather. At greater concentrations, SLS is used to degrease vehicle engines and sterilize common household items…
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Does the Contour Belt Work? The Truth Behind the Scam
It's the time of the year where people are feeling a little chubby around the belly, but unfortunately don’t have the luxury of time to exercise. And of course, people to turn to a fitness product like Contour Abs which requires the least time and effort to alleviate their problems.…
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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review By A Physio Student/ Fitness Trainer
If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re skeptical and want to know if Visual Impact Muscle Building is just another scam. So without beating around the bush, let me directly say that this program is NOT a scam. And this is coming from someone who specializes in clinical exercise…
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Whey Protein Powder Side Effects
The use of whey protein powder is growing more prominent amongst today’s population. It is commonly used as a health supplement since it can provide a variety of benefits. For those who perform resistance training or are keen on building muscle, it is an ideal source of protein since it…
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