Kenny DuBose, Jr (Street Articles Author)

Hello all my name is Kenny but most people call me "Ram" (read my articles and I'm sure to tell you why). I look forward to getting to learning from this experiences with SA and WA. I love life and all that it has to offer so I have no doubt that this venture will prove to be the same. I'm a 44 year old self employed GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ARTIST. I'm married to a beautiful artist and I have 5 wonderful children.

Storage In the Off Season
It's almost that time. The dreaded non riding season (well for the northern American states anyway). The weather is about to become unpredictable, cold, rainy, windy (hurricane season) and most people will be putting away their "toys" (vs horses) for a few months. This is when you find out who…
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And The Battle Continues - Drifting? On A Bike?
Recently I was linked to a video via facebook that was a car versus motorcycle drift battle on a closed drift course. My first thought was "drifting a sportbike on purpose?". Seriously, I have done it by mistake a time or two (and it was a butt puckerer I must…
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Come Ride With Me - Basics to A Successful Group Motorcycle Ride
Many seasoned motorcycle riders can successfully navigate any road but can they safely ride within a group? You would be surprised at how many do not know the basic rules, conduct and etiquette needed to participate in, organize or lead and organized ride. Well with the following tips anyone should…
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Fast Motorcycle Tires - Does it Come Down to More Than Motorcycle Tire Construction?
Since the invention of the rubber tire, manufacturers have literally been trying to "reinvent the wheel". Well thanks to technology they have been able to do so with increasing proficiency. Once upon a time "going fast" was reserved for race vehicles/teams or those owning high end vehicles (i.e. those with…
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Don't Lose Your Head - An Icon Motorcycle Helmet Testimony
A common mistake... ...of many riders is riding without the proper gear. Hey I did it but one thing I'll never do is ride without a helmet. I mean, yeah walking your bike down the strip at Myrtle Beach or Daytona may be an exception but if I might get…
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