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I live and work in Sweden, where I was born and raised. I am a teacher and a researcher in education at a large university in Sweden. I am fortunate that I have a family, with wife and kids, and we live in a house outside the largest city in the region. We have a cat (British Shorthair) named Zhimba, and a nice little garden. My hobbies are developing web sites, reading, drawing, computers, and playing electric guitar.

What is Ontology?
Ontology definition Ontology is the philosophical study of questions about what is real, i.e. what exist. In other words, the study of questions such as what are the fundamental elements in the world, and how are they related to each other? The etymology of the word ontology The word ontology…
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What is Epistemology?
Definition of epistemology Epistemology is the philosophical study of knowledge. It concerns question such as: What does the concept of knowledge mean, e.g. what does it mean to know something? And how does a person get to know something? What is the basis for true knowledge, and how can a…
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What is A Scientific Article?
A scientific article is an article written by a member of the scientific community, following specific rules and recommendations, and is published in a scientific journal. What is the standard format for a scientific article? The scientific article usually follows a standardized format, with the following parts or sections: Summary…
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How to Use A Citation Generator
Welcome! This text will discuss how to use citation generators and the intended readers are pupils, students, and others who are surfing the web for information about this topic. It can sure be a challenge to produce and hand in quality texts, and teachers and others are quite specific when…
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Citations In Academic Documents
Introduction The purpose of this article is to provide information and inspiration for students, professors, researchers and others authors who need to write citations in their academic documents. The aim is to discuss the reasons for using citations and provide examples of how citations may be written. The article also…
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Knowledge Graph: Google Search
The Google Knowledge Graph, introduced by Google in may 2012, is an attempt to analyse and present information with a focus on the relationships between the elements that are deemed important for a particular search. The data about all possible relationships are created and stored on beforehand on Google’s computers,…
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Academic Integrity And Academic Standards
Academic integrity Academic integrity is the ethical code of academia, i.e. the world of univiersities and scholars. If you want to be a part of this world, you should know about it and you should be prepared to act according to the established ethical traditions and norms within your discipline.…
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