Keribang (Street Articles Author)

An keen photography hobbyist, Karim has been taking photos ever since his dad bought him a Panasonic compact camera back in 1985. In 1990, he gotten himself a fully manual Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 SLR that he flogged into untimely death in 2003. After a stint with Fujifilm S7000 bridge cam and countless compacts, he now uses Nikon D7k. Dreaming of a Leica M Series he recently started a street photography website called "Street Photography Sans Leica".

An engineer by training, Karim now ran his own industrial supply business. He has keen interest in psychology and human behavior, especially social psychology and studied the subject as a minor. Social psychology gave rise to his interest in street photography.

Street Photography Tips – The Benefit Of A Photography Project
Ever had one of those days (weekends especially) when you have nothing in particular to do so you just went around aimlessly around your house and neighborhood just to kill time? The same thing happens in photography when you go out shooting without any particular direction. In this street photography…
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Street Photography Tips – Lessons From Film Cameras for Digital Photographers
Many believe that today, film or analog cameras is no longer relevant. “Who uses film camera in this day and age anyway?” you might ask. Well, there are many established photographers still use analog cameras for a variety of reasons. There’s also the LoMo movement that uses analog instead of…
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Is CSC An Evil Rangefinder Camera? Explaining Mirrorless Digital Camera
In the last couple of years, mirrorless digital system cameras have gained prominence. More and more photographers, casual or otherwise, ditched their DSLR cameras and toted around the smaller size mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras. So what are they and how are they different from your standard compact digital cameras…
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Fear Of Failure Symptoms
You are nervously sitting outside at your CEO office, waiting for your turn to present your proposal. Cold sweats start to break on your forehead. You start to imagine how if this proposal is rejected, or worse ridiculed, you will lose your job and with it you’ll lose your home,…
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How to Overcome Fear Of Failure - The Procrastination Link
You are a habitual procrastinator. You procrastinate on many occasions especially on important tasks. Often you know the bad consequences of putting off an important task. Not that you have not tried to do it, you have - a few times - but every time there’s always something else to…
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