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My name is Kesh and I live in Melbourne Australia. More information to come soon.

Favourite Serial Killer Movies
I do not know why our society has a huge fascination for Serial Killers. A spawned phenomenon of the 20th Century, Serial Killers offer a glimpse of the darkest realm of the human mind. There are countless documentires based on the most notorious serial killers that have ever walked the…
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Let us look at some spices that make a good curry
Spices play an important main role in SriLankan Cuisine. Conjure up thoughts of this little island and you will find images of serene picturesque beaches, a warm climate, coconut trees, tropical fruits, and of course a vast array of Spices holding a mystery towards the secret of a delicious Sri…
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Cinnamon - the Crown Jewel Of Sri Lanka
When mentioning the name of the beautiful spice, Cinnamon- many people would have images flashing of cinnamon and sugar laced donuts. I know that this is one of the first images that comes to my mind. Yummy! But what is not commonly known is that this spice comes from a…
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Sri Lankan Cuisine – Memoirs From My Childhood
When I think back to my childhood I fondly recollect the aroma of curry leaves and onions sautéing in the fry pan. I think this is a common memory of Westernised South-Asians living in a place such as Australia. But somehow I can’t help but think that there is nothing…
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