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Hello all. I can provide a myriad of information about myself but does that really tell the story of the person behind the words? Could be made up. They are just words after all. But words tell a story. Some say a picture is worth a 1,000 words....I don't subscribe to that thought. A picture of the Gettysburg Address does not, in any way, convey the message that it shares so eloquently.

All that said, let me tell you a few transparent things about myself. I am 41. Will be married for 18 yrs to the same beautiful woman I proposed to as a young man. We have two incredible boys aged 12 and 16. And one four-legged boy age 1. We are your typical family. To provide for my family at a young age I quit college where I was going for a nursing degree. I was doing quite well but with mounting debt came across a job that I could not pass up on. This is not an indicator of my intelligence as I was making Dean's list every quarter at a prominent University. At this time I am considering going back.

Throughout my life I have been intrigued by many, unrelated subjects and I research them thoroughly. You might say I am fully knowledgeable about many subjects and a master of many of them but intermediate on many more. I run the gambit from birding to nonprofit fundraising.

Backyard Birding
Birding Definition For some, "Birding" means trudging through forests and swamps to find rare species and tallying a huge list of birds they have seen. To me, birding is the act of enjoying birds. One can do that from the comfort of their own backyard. Will you get huge lists…
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