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You might tell by my bio I really love bass fishing and do OK fishing some local tournament trails. They are a lot of fun. I'm retired and get out about as much as I want.

I served in the US Navy Submarine Service from 1968 - 1972. (TM3-SS) I was a torpedoman and was assigned to two different subs. One was the USS Seafox, SS-402. The other was the USS Greenfish, SS-351. I had an awesome tour of duty and literally got to see the world from the Orient to the Mediterranean. Visited 14 different countries on both sides of our oceans.

I like the challenges of internet marketing. I was involved in a couple of MLM's but when I came across PotPieGirls One Week Marketing I ditched those MLM and went "hawgwild" into affiliate marketing using her model and things I learned by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go for sure. Lots more fun.

Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business
Get Started With An Affiliate Marketing Business With e-commerce thriving as it is today, thousands of people are going online and looking to start an affiliate marketing business. Many realize the opportunity but few actually realize their full potential when starting an online business mostly due to a lack of…
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Article Marketing Strategy
Strategies to help build your internet business by marketing your articles. Anyone doing business on the internet should have a good article marketing strategy as part of their affiliate marketing campaigns. Promoting your business by writing and submitting articles is one of the most productive means of driving traffic to…
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Will Blogging Help My Business
If you have a business you should you create a blog about it? Will it help generate traffic to my site? Fifteen to twenty years ago making money online was not so challenging as it is today. The internet was fairly new to most people who were purchasing their first…
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Market With Postcards
How to Market Your Business Using Postcards As internet marketers we are often so focused on our online marketing practices we often forget there is another very inexpensive way to market our business. Snail mail does still exist and can be a very effective means of marketing your business. And…
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Don't Quit Before You Start
A positive mental attitude leads to success. Affiliate marketing is a process and a good bit of that process is ones mental attitude. One of the greatest challenges of an affiliate marketer is getting the things we need to do, done. Some may have the felling of rejection or failure…
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Why Join A Local Bass Club
Fishing local bass fishing tournaments. As Spring gets into full swing many anglers are breaking out their fishing gear and heading to their favorite area lake. The early spring months are some of the most productive times of the year as bass are leaving their deeper water haunts and moving…
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Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques
Here are a few bass fishing tips and techniques that work for me. I fish many local tournament trails and have had some fair success. There are several baits and techniques I use and it will really depend on the time of year I use a particular bait or technique.…
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Preparing For A Bass Tournament
Tips to enjoy a trouble free day on the lake. There are many little things you can do in preparation for a bass tournament or any trip to the lake, to make it a trouble free and enjoyable day on the water. After all you don't want to get to…
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What Are Good Baits for Catching Bass?
My choices for good baits for catching bass. One of my favorite pastimes is fishing for bass. Over the years I've narrowed my selection down to just a handful of lured choices that have constantly helped me catch bass. I learned by trial and error what were some of the…
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Cheating In Bass Tournaments
Cheaters are not true sportsmen and have no place in a bass tournament. Invariably when there is money at stake some will try to rig the system in their favor. This doesn't happen frequently in bass tournaments but does exist on local and the national level. Serious penalties have been…
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