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You might tell by my bio I really love bass fishing and do OK fishing some local tournament trails. They are a lot of fun. I'm retired and get out about as much as I want.

I served in the US Navy Submarine Service from 1968 - 1972. (TM3-SS) I was a torpedoman and was assigned to two different subs. One was the USS Seafox, SS-402. The other was the USS Greenfish, SS-351. I had an awesome tour of duty and literally got to see the world from the Orient to the Mediterranean. Visited 14 different countries on both sides of our oceans.

I like the challenges of internet marketing. I was involved in a couple of MLM's but when I came across PotPieGirls One Week Marketing I ditched those MLM and went "hawgwild" into affiliate marketing using her model and things I learned by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go for sure. Lots more fun.

Invasion Species Endanger US Lakes And Streams
.....and may pose potential threat to human lives. Some species of plant, animal, and aquatic life have been beneficial when they have found their way into the United States but many have caused serious ecological damage to our lakes and streams. These invasion species harm eco systems and threaten human…
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How to Become A Professional Bass Angler
I live in northwest Louisiana and had the pleasure of witnessing and attending many of the events and weigh-ins during the 2009 and the 2012 Bassmaster Classic that was held here on the Red River. It was an awesome experience and got to personally meet many of the top professional…
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How To Direct A Bass Fishing Tournament
What it takes to be a good bass fishing tournament director. In 1967 Ray Scott organize the first competitive bass fishing tournament known as "The All American Bass Tournament." 106 angler fished the tournament on Beaver Lake in Arkansas paying just $100 to fish the tournament. The reward for winning…
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How to Maintain And Care for Your Outboard Motor
One of the more aggravating situations is when you get to a lake, launch your boat, and try as you will your outboard motor just want start. If properly maintained an outboard motor can give you many, many years of hassle free use and pleasure if you use a few…
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Secrets To Catching Big Bass
What are some of my secrets to catch big bass. I've been lucky through the years and have caught many big bass in the 8, 9, 10, and 11 pound range. That beauty in my pic went 10.66 pounds and was caught on one of my favorite baits, a led…
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How To Powder Coat Fishing Jigs
I do a good bit of bass fishing and one of my favorite baits and one I use year round are lead head jigs. At $4 to $5 a piece loosing one can get a little expensive so decided to make my own jigs using a powder coat process. Powder…
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Life on A Submarine
And an interesting experience it was. Reading another members experience in the military got me thinking of my own military service. I graduated high school in 1967 and after a year at LA Tech I knew it was time for me to do something else with my life. Didn't have…
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Importance Of Article Marketing
Why article marketing can lead to online success. There are many ways to promote and sell products and services on the internet and marketing those services by writing articles has become very popular. Many have realized the importance of article marketing as an easy way to describe the many uses…
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Effective Article Marketing Practices
How article marketing has changed online research There was a time when the only way a company had to promote their products and service was through newsletters, email, and the information on their websites. As the web evolved newspapers and magazines came online and began posting their news and magazine…
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9 Ways to Find A Profitable Niche
How do you find a good profitable niche for an online business. A big part of affiliate niche marketing has to do with search engine rankings, especially Google. When trying to find a profitable niche it is necessary to keep in mind the keywords used and how well those keywords…
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