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You might tell by my bio I really love bass fishing and do OK fishing some local tournament trails. They are a lot of fun. I'm retired and get out about as much as I want.

I served in the US Navy Submarine Service from 1968 - 1972. (TM3-SS) I was a torpedoman and was assigned to two different subs. One was the USS Seafox, SS-402. The other was the USS Greenfish, SS-351. I had an awesome tour of duty and literally got to see the world from the Orient to the Mediterranean. Visited 14 different countries on both sides of our oceans.

I like the challenges of internet marketing. I was involved in a couple of MLM's but when I came across PotPieGirls One Week Marketing I ditched those MLM and went "hawgwild" into affiliate marketing using her model and things I learned by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go for sure. Lots more fun.

Affiliate Marketing is A Great Opportunity for Stay At Home Moms
Stay-at-home moms are earning extra income with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is providing more and more opportunity and a way for stay-at-home moms to earn additional income to supplement their finances. More and more are looking to the internet and finding that affiliate marketing for can be a very profitable…
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Keyword Research Guide Using Google Adwords Tool
A guide to finding good key words and phrases. Choosing the appropriate keyword in your marketing promotions is an essential component of building and promoting your affiliate marketing business. One thing to realize when using the Google Adwords Tool your keyword research guide is that the results are a little…
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30 In 30 Challenge - My Journey Is Complete
And what a learning experience it was. Today is Day 30 in my 30 in 30 Challenge and was able to complete the requirements fairly easily. Think I actually have posted 40 articles in that time period and I have learned so much about writing articles and marketing niche products…
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Writing For The Web Format
Writing web copy to help keep visitors on your webpage. When writing for the web there are different ways create the content on your pages that will help and hold the readers attention better. Formatting your documents for the web is somewhat different than writing sales copy for public distribution…
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Why Use Don't Or Scam In Your Promotions
Guess this is my little rant. One common practice I see in the marketing efforts of others is the use of the words don't or scam in their headlines. As example the headlines may say "Don't buy ABC Product" or "ABC Products are a Scam." When researching a product or…
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Google Penguin Update
Animal House or Pet Cemetery Well...maybe a little of both but a little over a week ago around April 24th Google came out with their newest algorithm for ranking sites in their search engines. This one they call the Google Penguin Update. Their Panda algorithm was named after the engineer…
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Dealing With Information Overload
Too much information leads to confusion and frustration. When starting an affiliate marketing business it doesn't take long to realize all the help and information available keyed to help one build a profitable online business. The amount of information available to the affiliate marketer can be overwhelming and if not…
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Why Join An Affiliate Marketing Network
Avoiding the scams and shiny objects. Starting an affiliate marketing business can have many pitfalls and if you are not careful one can be easily fooled into falling into one of those traps. A few years ago changes in online consumer protection exposed many affiliate marketing networks claiming to offer…
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History Of Cinco De Mayo
A celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for Fifth of May, is a date commemorating a victory in a battle at Puebla, Mexico in 1862 over the French invading forces. On May 5th each year Cinco de Mayo celebrations are held in remembrance of this unexpected…
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Stand A Little Rain
If you want see a rainbow, you have to stand a little rain. If you have been in affiliate marketing for a while or perhaps just starting out you have to understand there will be those days when things just do not seem to be going right. You will have…
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