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From Kim Jensen's Wine & Wisdom: Hello dear! Just to set the story straight, this is not a blog about wine… although one of my favorite food groups, it’s about the balancing of life. Wine and Wisdom could be renamed Vice and Virtue, but who is to say which is what? You are. Some of my ideas and values may or may not jibe with you, but there’s still fun to be had in sharing different views of our mysterious time together on this whirling orb. Well, it all started when I arrived in San Diego, California, with the hopes of finding truth, happiness and wisdom… and I’m still working on that! Surely, I thought to myself, there must be something great going on, because I am surrounded by so much beauty an wonder. I've barely scratched the surface in my studies. ‘Coincidentally’, I was born into a remarkably insightful family and eventually created one of my own. I am happily married to Mr. Kenny and have two daughters in their teens…(yippy for me!) I grew up with five brothers so it’s cool to have a house full of yappy girls. Presently I reside in Utah, and hope to never retire here. I've discovered some cool things about life; ‘Shit Happens’…and it’s o.k.! But more quote E. Tolle…”You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” Sweet, huh? Most often my mistakes and earthly sorrows have about-faced me, granting me wisdom and insight, assisting me in reexamining my thoughts and behaviors. I must always ask; ‘Why?’… Asking ‘why’ is still my constant companion and one that has lost it’s power to frighten, but instead to push me on to further insights and unspeakable awe. These writings are my platform, a place to express what I feel and to connect with others of like mind, as well as to those with completely new perspectives. I have come to realize, that life is not so pleasurable until it is shared. So I share. Thank You, Kim

Life Whispering 101
They call me... "The Life Whisperer." (Okay, no they don't... but you can if you want to.) I want to show You how to be your very own Life Whisperer! There is much talk of experiencing an epiphanous "Aha Moment". Well, I never had one and that just pissed me…
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