Kip Masters (Street Articles Author)

I've been on a quest for having a fit and muscular physique since I was 15. In order to accomplish that goal, I've educated myself by researching information in books, magazines and scientific studies, and trying all kinds of nutritional strategies, workout programs and techniques to find out what works and what doesn't. I've also had the privilege of training with some of the best coaches in the field of bodybuilding and strength development, including the legendary Bill Pearl, four-time winner of the Mr. Universe title.

I hope that by sharing some of the tips and tricks I've learned through the years will benefit others who are searching for ways to improve their physical appearance, health and fitness.

How To Keep Fit When Traveling
If you're like me, being fit and working out is important. But there may be times, like when traveling, that you want some exercise but have no access to a gym or workout equipment. And going for a run or walk just won't cut it. So what to do? Well,…
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