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Kristi Patrice Carter is a wife, mother, author, and serial entrepreneur who loves helping individuals live happy, prosperous and victorious lives. Carter’s lifelong goal is to positively impact people’s lives, one self-help book at a time.

A force to be reckoned with, Carter earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Illinois and a Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law and has over seventeen years of experience in the writing industry. She is the author of:

• You are NOT a FAILURE: How to Change Your Mindset from Struggle to Victory • Learning to Love Yourself More: A Woman’s Guide to Experiencing the Power of Unconditional Self-Love • Reprogram Yourself for UNSTOPPABLE Self-Confidence (Your Power Guide to Squashing Self Doubt and Worry) • How to Conquer Your Fears and Live an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE of Victory • Emergency Income Streams: How to Create Fast Cash in 14 Days or Less • Active Income Streams: Side Income Opportunities for Achieving Financial Freedom (Working As Much or As Little A You Desire) • Passive Income Streams: How to Create and Profit from Passive Income Even If You’re Cash-Strapped and a Little Bit Lazy (But Motivated)! • Say No to Guilt! The 21 Day Plan for Accepting Your Chronic Illness and Finding Inner Peace and Happiness • Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness: 10 Weeks to Overcoming the Obstacles of Chronic Illness and Finally Achieving What You Want in Life! • Wean That Kid: Your Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Mastering the Weaning Process • I’m a Weaned Kid Now Her upcoming publication includes: • Superwoman Doesn't Live Here Anymore: How to Get Your Family Off the Couch and Helping Around the House  • Chronic Illness Can’t Beat My Superhero Mommy

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Marketing Assistant Job Description
As the title implies, a marketing assistant works for your company’s marketing department and carries out a wide variety of marketing tasks that correspond directly to generating clients or selling products. A marketing assistant’s pivotal role is often overseen by the marketing manager, although some smaller companies may employ a…
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Tips for Marketing Your Online Business
Most people who decide to invest in an online business pour a lot of their money on the website, the latest computer equipment, the business product, packaging, and even a new mobile phone with all the necessary features for working on your online business while on the move. Marketing usually…
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Benefits Of Working As A VA
Several people across the world are turning to Virtual Assistants (VA) to handle a myriad of projects that they can’t handle themselves. VA specific tasks include installing Wordpress blogs, writing content, making travel arrangements, conducting cold calling campaigns and more. There are countless benefits and advantages of being a virtual…
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Tips to Use When Searching For Virtual Assistance
Are you currently seeking virtual assistance? Are you looking for full or part time help? Well, the good news is that now you can. Entrepreneurs all aroun the world are hiring virtual assistants to assist them with all sorts of time consuming takss they they don’t have the time to…
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How to Market Your Online Business
Previously brick-and-mortar was the only way that people conducted business. Today, even brick-and-mortar businesses are dipping their feet and heads into the wonderful world of internet marketing. Why? Simply because it works! But, in order to maximize success, you can’t just throw up a crappy site and then wait for…
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Should You Get An SMS Plan?
SMS is an acronym that stands for Short Message Service or text message on a mobile phone. According to Forrester, the use of SMS has been increasing over the past few years and turned into the workhorse of mobile phones. In 2011, United States citizens experienced an increase of SMS…
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Tips to Overcome Hurdles While Trying to Land Your First VA Job
Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) has several advantages but at the same time there are certain hurdles that many VAs face while attempting to land their first VA job. In this article, we will shed light on the obstacles that a VA might experience as a beginner and provide tips…
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Tips for Hiring A Marketing Assistant
You know what your business needs to do in order to cultivate new clients and maintain your current client base. You’ve done the research; you’ve seen the line graphs and pie charts, but are you finding it difficult to manage your time efficiently enough to pull it off? If not,…
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Review Of Virtual Assistants Websites
Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) has become quite the norm in the past few years mainly for economic reasons more than anything else. Initially, the whole idea was met with a lot of skepticism and a “hands-off” or “wait and see” attitude. And yes, there have been major booboos committed…
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How to Get to the Top Of Google Search Engine
Now that there are more people with a burning desire to get out of corporate life because of its instability, the lure of internet money is getting stronger but more restricted. Even search engines have begun to take extra measures to prevent abuse of their systems which has made internet…
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