Kyle Cullen (Street Articles Author)

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this. my name's Kyle and I'm a drummer. I teach, gig and record sessions for a living. I've published two books which are available on Amazon, 'Paradiddle Creativity' and 'How To Practise Drums'.

I have also had an article published for Rhythm Magazine and wrote a blog for Modern Drummer. I still have plenty of drumming goals left but these were big milestones for me.

I am on here to spread my drumming knowledge with tips and advice.

If you like these tips feel free to check out my websites for more information and to sign up for free video drum lessons.

Online Drum Lessons Beginners
Where to start? Before looking for online drum lessons beginners the first thing you will want to do as weather you are looking for online drum lessons or just looking for drumming tips to point you in the right way is to look at how you hold the sticks. You…
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How to Learn Drums As A Beginner
As a drum teacher I get to see a lot of different types of drumming students and often get asked how to learn drums as a beginner. While I think it's very important to have a teacher guide you on your drumming journey, to help point out bad habits and…
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Drum Music Books - Do You Need Them?
Drum music books are always recommended to students from day one. You are often told that you need to buy a whole host of books just to study with a drum teacher but do you really need to use drum books to learn music? or can you make do without?…
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Drumming Lessons Online
These days you can learn a lot online. From how to bake bread to when to move chilli plants outside. (Those are two things I've recently learned) The bread turned out great and I'm looking forward to harvesting my first chilli's. In this article I'm going to be talking about…
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