Kymee (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I am Kymee I live in a rural, area of beautiful, Southern California, with my wonderful husband of 34yrs. We raised three, very active and productive adults. The oldest our son has our two, fast growing, grandchildren

I have a site that I author by the name Kymee's Outdoor World where my goal is to share my experience with Camping, Hiking and My 15years in the RV business.

Being in the RV business, part of making the sale is to walk the buyer through their new RV on delivery. While doing this I had many tips on what not to do. I realized these tips came from experience, thus always led to a great story. I realized then it would be great to share all of these stories to others

Our location here in California has afforded us a wealth of places to experience all these stories I have to share with everyone who will listen. You see, in just an hour we can be in the dessert, or on the beach sunning, or hiking around in the forest. We have spent all of our years visiting these areas almost every weekend. We have explored these areas, by car, motor home, bicycle, Harleys and last of all, with boots to the ground.

My knowledge in camping and hiking comes from my time of enjoying these exciting and fulfilling places, with my husband and our three beautiful children, and now my grandchildren. As they say Great things come from humble beginnings. It is hard to believe so much time has passed, during this time; we have been to so many places and seen so many wonderful things.

We of course traveled further than an hour at times when we had more time off. And I can add this knowledge and stories, to all the others I believe that I should pass on. These stories I hope will help you, or just make you laugh because some of these things are really quite funny, in these stories is great advice, advice that you can take along on your RV trips.

Hope you visit me and enjoy what you hear and please I would love to hear your stories.

(We can just pretend we are sitting by the campfire)

Peg Leg Smiths Gold
Looking for your next adventure? Then you might want to attend a well renowned, annual event centered on the Peg Leg Smith Gold story. It happens in the quaint town of Borrego Springs, California. This little town nestled in the Anza Borrego State Park, the largest desert State Park in…
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Treasure Hunting With A Potato?
Don’t bring a potato when Geocaching. Have you ever heard of anyone hitting a burro while driving on the highway? Two a.m. standing in the middle of the road was a great big burro; thank God we did not hit him. Hitting a burro would have completely ruined our night…
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Road Trip Which is Better A RV Or Car?
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My First Treasure Hunt (geocacheing)
Have you ever Geocached before? Not sure if that is what you call it but because I am a newbie that is the name I will give it. (Geo): have or relate to the earth. (Cache): A hidden or inaccessible hiding place for valuables/ treasures. Geocacheing started out with some…
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Rent Or Buy An Rv?
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Searching for Gold Mines With A GPS
Following an arrow first left and then the arrow turns the direction towards a mountain front. Okay, how are we going to go that direction? Oh look! We can climb up these rocks to the clearing, past that Ocotillo in the direction the arrow is pointing to. Few more detours…
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Peg Leg Smiths Gold, Contest Winner!
At this lonely monument on Saturday April, 6th around noon the air was very still and it warmed up to 80 degrees. From Tranquility At noon while setting up the RV you would never guess that very night such a live annual event was going to take place. Yes there…
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