KyTwins (Street Articles Author)


We are the KyTwins, Kyndall and Kyndra. We work together at pretty much everything because it's natural for us. I mean we've been together since day one and we get each other. Way more than any other person would anyway!

We do live our own lives but we decided to go into business together and create a presence online. This is just the beginning for us, as we have a long way to go. What better than to go on this journey with your best friend!


Kyndall- I am the youngest twin by 24 mins. I am probably the most comfortable with online matters. If you have a question I am most likely the one answering it. I have been to three different colleges only to find that no of them would work out for me :-(. I've tried nursing twice and I just realize in the end, it just was not for me.

I have always wanted to make a living online and I decided to peruse my dream and work on it. I work as an internet marketer by day and a housekeeper by night. Gotta start somewhere...

Kyndra- I am the oldest twin. The artist and creative one. I am not as comfortable writing online as Kyndall is but practice makes better right? I am married and I have one son. I currently am attending school for photography but like Kyndall, I have always wanted to make a living online.

I am a stay at home mom working on photography, and now internet marketing. Art is my passion as well and internet marketing. I split my time three was to do both but my working with my sister, everything will get the attention it needs!

See we are different but we decided to come together to create a business online and we know with hard work and perseverance we can do anything!

We hope to meet and connect with a lot of you how are like minded and can even teach us a few things. We hope we can be helpful as well.

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