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Regular hard working guy. Love to write about politics and humor. In the sales and marketing industry and I am lucky enough to work at company where I can write a blog. Feel free to visit www.rcsinnovations.com and click on blogs. Not quite as opinionated as those here, but certainly more humor and current events.

I have always had an interest in politics and news in general. Politically, my politics ranged from an ultra liberal dope crazed hippy peace freak in the 60's to an ultra right wing evangelical in the 80's. Today, I am an independent that has become disappointed in both political parties. We have to call candidates out for BS and understand that their industry is gather voters. Third party candidates just do not effect change only skew elections.

Politicians are human and have their flaws. They have good points too. I just wish they didn't try to keep them so well hidden.

2012 Elections – W W J D?
WWJD? What Would Jesus Do – better yet, what would he say about the GOP candidates and our President? Probably quite a bit. Even though he was a humble carpenter, he could give a talk better than anybody on those religious channels. Do you wonder how he would see things…..hmmmm.…
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Blowin' Smoke
Anybody old enough to remember Walter Cronkite? He was the news anchor at CBS News for years. He was considered the most trusted man in America while on TV. A newsman – most trusted! Can you imagine? Trusting a news anchor? Republicans and Democrats trusted him. Really! Today, our news…
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Sugar Daddy for President!
I must confess, I am former liberal. I even voted for Clinton not once but twice. If he would have run again (with a Republican Congress) I would have voted for him as long as he ran. I even had a friend say he was one of the best Republican…
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2012 - The End?
There have been a lot of documentaries on the History, Discovery, Animal Planet, and even the SyFy Channel about the year 2012. There have been half a dozen movies made (mostly bad) about the “end of times” as predicted by the ancient Mayans. This weekend I saw a special about…
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Honest Politics
For about a year I have been railing on politicians, their constituents and the media for being so divisive and argumentative. I looked back to a kinder time when you really wanted your candidate to win, but felt that their opponent was also a good person. Today, the GOP looks…
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Barak And “w” – the Bobbsey Twins
Nothing is funnier to me than political gurus that are full of beans. Nothing. No two presidents in the last several decades have more in common than Barak “Barry” Obama and George W. ”The Shrub” Bush. Their supporters think they are polar opposites. Ha! The left and the right hate…
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You Know These People
Here’s some real examples why people vote the way they do. Usually we avoid talking about politics with friends because things can get so volatile so quickly. Recently a series of events opened my eyes and well, I’m here to report the facts….M’am. These are stories as I heard them…
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