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Just a little about myself. I am a educator of young children that really enjoys making a differnence in the lives of my children as well as their families. In my spare time my passion is reasearching alternative medicine and the incorporation of herbs and essential oils into my daily lifestyle. Over the years I have made a conscience effort helping people to learn more about an alternative lifestyle as it pertains to medicine, food and water intake.

I believe that it is impertative that peole learn a more economical and safe way to take care of their bodies and environments. Hopefully, my articles will provide an avenue of new knowledge to you, your families and friends. I pray that you will use the information that you learn from me and go forth with it with a different, yet more positive outlook on your life. Please use the information I provide don't just sit on it.

I am very happy that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to read my articles. I hope that you find them to be informative, uplifting and passoniate. Be about change people, don't just read about it. Again Be Safe, stay Healthy, and LIVE MORE ABDUANTLY!

Using Peppermint Oil As A Nasal Congestion Remedy
For all my nasal congestion suffers I have a home remedy that is easy and cost effective. It does not matter if you have seasonal allergies, a cold or the flu. I have found this remedy to be very effective. Can you say peppermint oil. Yes, peppermint oil does wonders…
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How to Use Olive Oil for the Hair And Skin
Hello Folks, Most people have came across or use olive oil in daily cooking. Yet, olive oil is great for the hair and skin. It adds a great shine, helps with breakage, and stimulates hair growth. There are many ways that you can use olive oil to help with hair…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Beauty   Mar 18, 2012  
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Review Of Olive Garden So Silly
I am writing this article just to express how shocked I am that a review of Olive Garden has gone viral. It is amazing how a restaurant that has been around for years has just gotten a review from someone in Albany that has caused a stir. My personal opinion…
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How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth
Hello Folks, Today I want to talk about using Rosemary Oil to stimulate hair growth. I know these days everybody is looking for the next great thing to help or rid baldness. Well I am here to tell you that growing hair naturally takes time and energy. Well, lets get…
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How To Use Peppermint Oil To Rid Home Of Mice!
Hello Folks, ****Reader the information provided is based on my own personal experience. Yes, you read the title correctly peppermint oil can be use to rid the home of mice and quite possibly rats. So let's get to it I know typically when you think of peppermint what comes to…
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How to Use Shea Butter As A Oil Bath
Hello Folks, I know you all have heard of shea butter. I'm pretty sure you are looking at the title like What! But yes it is true you can actually bathe in shea butter and it is awesome. Just a little background on shea butter, it is a multi-purpose all…
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Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards
Hello Folks, These days everyone is doing their best to make ends meet, keep their identity safe and still make smart purchases. Purchasing Amazon Gift Cards is a great way to save money, shop online, and gain free merchandise. So let's look at some great places to purchase Amazon Gifts…
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