Laksmi Hadi (Street Articles Author)

My name is Laksmi Hadi. I am Indonesian, born in Jakarta now living in 2 countries in a year Indonesia and USA. I was a daughter of a diplomat, so I had been living in some countries in Europe since I was 2 years old. I lived in Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria and Italy. I was graduated in Interior Architect in Florence and Rome. I love writing and love to share my knowledge and my experience.Still very much to learn, and street articles had made me more confidence to write, although English is my second language beside Italian. I am also a traditional Javanese dancer and now working on a fusion dance with my niece, a professional Belly dancer in New Jersey. I also do internet marketing and trading for mining commodities : Coal, Iron Ore, Copper Ore from Indonesia, and Gold Dust/Bars from Africa.

Baby Shower In Java, Indonesia – Traditional Ceremony
Expecting a baby in a family is one of the happiness moment. Many country has their own way to celebrate the welcoming of this new family member. Also the expecting mother has to prepare for a smooth delivery. In western world this event called as baby shower. Means that the…
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Gamelan The Traditional Orchestra From Java – A Music From Heaven
The South East Asia Culture has a very specific in the traditional musical instrument. In Java and Bali, Indonesia there is an ethnic music ensemble called Gamelan. Gamelan is featuring various of traditional instruments, like gong, bamboo flute, many types of xylophones, with the vocalists. Gamelan is a set of…
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Travel TO South East Asia – Know More About Indonesia
If you have plan to spend a vacation to South East Asia, Indonesia is one of the country you should visit. Indonesia is an interesting country that also called as emeralds of the equator with more than 13.000 islands including the 5 big islands, which are Sumatera( Andalas), Java, Kalimantan…
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