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Hello! My name is Nenita, I’m a certified cosmetologist, both in Hairdressing and Esthethic. I own a beauty salon called, La Nesamarie Salon de Beaute, located in downtown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years.

One of my passions is cutting hair.. but of course, I love anything and everything which assist my clients enhance their confidence and their looks. Helping them, somehow, builds my own confidence in return. Making my clients look good and feel good not only outside but inside, is what I do best.

I care about my clients well-being, and work with quality and not quantity.

Over the years of working in this field, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and I am still learning the most current style of taking care of hair and skin. This inspiring job gives me the motivation to wake up early every morning and faithfully carry out the duty of my chosen career.

I love my job and I would love to share my knowledge and ideas that I have acquired in this field.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any question...

Maturing And Aging Skin
Issues as we age... As we age our skin slowly undergoes changes and as our metabolism slows down we can get other issues, poor circulation, not enough sleep, dry brittle nails, sagging and dehydrated skin. Notice of changes These changes are subtle and you may only realize it has happened…
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Facts About Acne
Acne is very common during adolescence and can frequently continue into adulthood leading some people to feel that they are very lucky that they have never had it at all. Acne affects both males and females but since females do not produce as much of the androgen hormone as males,…
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Truth And Consequences About Sun
We all know what sun can do to us, but , why do we do it to ourselves? Why burn and bake our skins at every chance we get! There is no doubt that a tanned look can look a bit better and make your skin look healthier.The healthy part…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Beauty   Feb 03, 2013  
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