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Larry Lourcey holds the designation of Master Photographer, awarded by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in 2007. He served as a juror in for several state print competitions and has been awarded numerous awards for his work. In the coming year he will be both judge and public speaker at several major photographic conventions. Several of Larry’s images have been selected for the prestigious PPA Loan Collection, including an image displayed at Imaging Asia in 2005.

He is a portrait artist, digital painter, educator and all-around nice guy.

Why The Cell Phone Is Changing Photography
I started my photography career back in the "film" days. Back when you couldn't peek at the back of the camera to see how the shot came out. You would shoot a roll of pictures, drop it off at the lab - then cross your fingers for a few days.…
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The 4 Secrets Of Success
In just about any endeavor, the keys to success are usually the same. It doesn’t matter if your goal is raising $10,000 or trying to do 100 pushups. Your ability to reach the goal will come down to four basic things: Set A Goal So many people miss out on…
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