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A Beginner's Guide to Writing And Selling Ebooks
It’s never been easier to see yourself published thanks to eBooks. Long-standing red tape associated with the traditional publishing houses is no longer an issue for authors looking to write a book. If you’ve been looking to get a book published, but are unsure of what goes into the eBook…
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Overcoming The Dangerous Comfort Zone Trap
It is hard to deny, being an employee can be comfortable. An employee can depend on being paid regularly, if not necessarily as well as they might like. Employees can generally count on the type of work they will do each day. They can also count on when they will…
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Dealing With Debt And Perceived Financial Limitations to Starting A Business
If you are in debt, do not worry, you are in very good company. Whether it is student debt, credit card debt, home mortgage debt, or any other kind of debt, virtually everybody in the United States, except for a small percentage, has a debt problem. And yet, debt is…
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