Laura LaFond (Street Articles Author)

Are You Thinking About Installing A Shade Sail?
Do you wish you could have spent more time in your backyard this summer? Was it just too hot out there and you wish you had more shade available? Are you thinking about installing a sun shade sail next year?My husband and I installed two large sun shade sails earlier…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  Landscaping Outdoor Decorating   Nov 01, 2011  
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How To Keep Your Pool Cool
No one likes getting into a swimming pool on a hot summer day, only to feel like they're getting into a bathtub. Yuck! I had this exact problem with my pool last year. I live in the mid-south where temperatures and heat indexes reach over 100 degrees and by the…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  Swimming Pools Spas   Oct 24, 2011  
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Are You Thinking About Buying the New Amazon Kindle Fire?
It's the latest buzz in the electronics world. You’ve heard about it. People can't stop talking about it. Are you thinking about buying the new Amazon Kindle Fire for someone, or perhaps yourself, for Christmas this year?Well, here are 30 great reasons to go ahead and buy it!1. It’s low…
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