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Getting Physical And Emotional Affair Recovery Help - Your Options To Finding Solutions
Knowing that your spouse cheated, and the fact that you have to see him/her everyday, will make your life miserable. That is why you need to get physical and emotional affair recovery help. You can either sit by and wallow in your misery, hoping that one day things get better,…
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How Do I Cope With My Emotions Immediately After My Wife Had An Affair?
No doubt, one of the most challenging periods to go through as a husband, is finding out that your wife had an affair. The emotions that you are feeling right now are paralyzing to say the least. Is it better to keep these feelings inside and hope they go away…
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My Husband Had An Affair And Got The Other Woman Pregnant - What Hope Is There For Our Marriage?
Extramarital affairs are what is considered to be the ultimate sin in a marriage. In this case, if your husband had an affair, then you will be the one to endure the most suffering. Your husband having an affair with another woman is bad enough, but if she's now pregnant…
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Regaining Trust In A Marriage After Cheating - How Far Do You Have To Go?
Marriage without trust that you'll stay faithful this time around is one of instability and uncertainty. Regaining trust in a marriage after cheating or infidelity, has a high level of difficulty involved. Hopefully, you have not dug yourself too deep of a hole, like having multiple affairs. Regaining trust in…
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The Emotional Affair Recovery Process - 3 Bad Traits That The Cheating Spouse Must Get Rid Of
Getting a hold of the negative feelings, emotions, thoughts and visions that consume you is where recovering from an affair usually starts. It goes without saying that your spouse must put the affair to rest. Emotional affair recovery(the kind of affair where no sex has taken place) is the main…
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