Lauren McEachran (Street Articles Author)

An ex boyfriend back in 2007 caused me to start looking online for ways to get him to love me. I bought a few ebooks, read nearly every book in the library on love and read a variety of articles from different article websites on the internet. I was desperate, but ended up learning so much more about myself and also stumbled upon The Law of Attraction. I learned that he wasn't the right man for me and set out to attract the right one. It took a few years and a lot of hard lessons, but I finally attracted my soulmate and life partner and being in this relationship has been so easy.

It has now become my mission to help others attract the right partner and not to settle. I did settle a couple of times along the way, because I didn't think it could be any better. But I now enjoy an amazing, loving relationship with my partner who is also my best friend. We constantly strive to understand each other better and are completely open with each other to talk about anything. Most importantly though, that we have so much fun together and end up being silly a lot.

I also now enjoy writing articles, blogs and sharing information from what I have learned from many relationship experts, soulmate couples, books, ebooks, audios and programs. Every single person out there can all have an amazing loving partner that we truly desire.

How Can I Find A Man
If you are really wondering “How can I find a man?” then it depends on what sort of man you are after as to where best to look for him. So, what sort of man are you after? How long have you been stumbling around in the dark so to…
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