Laurie Newman (Street Articles Author)

I am a woman who takes care of my people. I’m a giver, a nurturer and one to cares deeply about others. Given I’ve lost many who are close to me and some that are not, to cancer, I feel that there is place here for me to help in any way that I can.

I am a cook, a current caretaker of my mom, who we recently found out has stage 4 Lung cancer and a advocate for health. I have educated myself nutritionally over my entire life and gleaned a lot of wisdom along the way, which I now apply in my day to day world, for my mom and for myself and now, for you too.

My mission here is to provide food tips; helpful, EASY, tasty recipes and food advice to support health for cancer patients (those of us who are cancer free as well) so that we can build our immune systems and weather the storms ahead, no matter which treatment and lifestyle regimes we choose.

What I know for sure is that building a healthy immunity through diet, can and will change our lives for the better.

Foods Help Fight Cancer
When considering food for cancer patients, there are a lot of options. The purpose of food in the healing of illness, is not really to treat the illness itself. Rather it is to boost the immunity of the sufferer so that their natural healing processes can take place for themselves.…
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