Lawrence Bredenkamp (Street Articles Author)

I am Lawrence - mad keen golfer, EGTF Golf Coach, entrepreneur, Internet Affiliate Marketer, renegade and enthusiast of all that life has to offer.

I live in New Zealand and spend my time traveling around this beautiful country house sitting for people who go away for long periods of time. Mostly the house sitting is really a pet sitting service. I live for free (bonus) saving the owners money, which they would ordinarily spend on kennels and catteries, and their pets a lot of stress as they can remain in familiar surrounding (their own home) and have company. Needless to say I love animals.

Being an Internet Affiliate Marketer allows me to work from "home" - all I need is an Internet connection - and affords me the opportunity to play golf (and make lots of new friends) in a country that is supposed to have more golf courses per capita than any other country in the world. And they are beautiful courses!

Golf in New Zealand is very inexpensive.

I use my love of golf and my Internet skills to help people to improve their own playing skills.

I hope my articles will be written in such a way that they make sense, get you to the next level and save you money in doing so!

Please feel free to comment as I do appreciate feedback.

Happy golfing and remember to live life to the full.

Fedex Cup Playoffs Shows How Important Putting Is
Having been glued to the TV for 4 days watching the Fedex Cup playoffs I paid closed attention to the commentators as I always do. The reason I pay so much close attention to them is twofold. Firstly they know what they are talking about and there is a lot…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Sep 11, 2012  
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15 Year Old Lydia Ko Wins Canadian Ladies Open
Lydia Ko, the 15 year old world number 1 ranked ladies amateur who was born in Korea but plays out of New Zealand, has won the 2012 Canadian Open LPGA championship. As an amateur Lydia cannot win the $300,000.00 purse which goes to the leading professional, 2nd placed Inbee Park…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Aug 27, 2012  
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Tiger Woods Book – Due Out As Tiger Gets Back to Form
The irony of life never ceases to amaze me. Tiger Woods seems to be coming into form at just the right time – the latest Tiger Woods book by Hank Haney is due out next week which is one week before the 2012 US Masters. So for Tiger heading into…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Mar 24, 2012  
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Tiger Woods Book – What’s the Big Fuss?
So there is a new Tiger Woods book due out soon. What’s the big fuss? • “He’s had his day and won’t climb back to the top.” • “He deserves what he gets.” • “He’s got it coming and I hope the whole sordid tory comes out.” • “Probably just…
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Tiger Woods Book - By Hank Haney
“The Big Miss” by Hank Haney is the latest Tiger Woods book and, at time of writing, is yet to be released. Like any good marketer Hank Haney has leaked bits of information to the public through the press who had Tiger Woods riled about the book during a post…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Mar 12, 2012  
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Corrupt Cricketer May Go to Jail
What a sad world we live in. I have just been reading about Mervyn Westfield who has been described as a corrupt cricketer who may go to jail for his part in a match fixing allegation. If he is guilty then I hope he gets what he deserves. If he…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Jan 13, 2012  
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Golf Driving Distance And The Difference it Makes
We all love to hit a long golf ball - particularly off the tee. It stands to reason that if your drives are long and straight then your approach shots are that much easier, but what is it that helps to increase your golf driving distance? In this article I…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Jan 05, 2012  
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Do the Pros Earn Too Much?
It always amazes me the amount of money that golf pros earn. I mean these guys earn money doing the thing I love to do and have to pay for! So the question is do golf pros earn too much? I guess at the end of the day it is…
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The Golf Swing Sequence
Having coached a few fairly established players lately I was amazed to find that many are unsure of the correct golf swing sequence. The golf swing is really a simple series of movements which we tend to over complicate so in this article I am going to outline the sequence…
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The Secret to An Improved Golf Swing
People are a strange lot! It seems as if there must always be a secret to something we cannot master and the golf swing is no different - there just has to be a "secret" to getting a better, more reliable golf swing. No-one wants to hear that the "secret"…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Dec 27, 2011  
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