Lawrence Bredenkamp (Street Articles Author)

I am Lawrence - mad keen golfer, EGTF Golf Coach, entrepreneur, Internet Affiliate Marketer, renegade and enthusiast of all that life has to offer.

I live in New Zealand and spend my time traveling around this beautiful country house sitting for people who go away for long periods of time. Mostly the house sitting is really a pet sitting service. I live for free (bonus) saving the owners money, which they would ordinarily spend on kennels and catteries, and their pets a lot of stress as they can remain in familiar surrounding (their own home) and have company. Needless to say I love animals.

Being an Internet Affiliate Marketer allows me to work from "home" - all I need is an Internet connection - and affords me the opportunity to play golf (and make lots of new friends) in a country that is supposed to have more golf courses per capita than any other country in the world. And they are beautiful courses!

Golf in New Zealand is very inexpensive.

I use my love of golf and my Internet skills to help people to improve their own playing skills.

I hope my articles will be written in such a way that they make sense, get you to the next level and save you money in doing so!

Please feel free to comment as I do appreciate feedback.

Happy golfing and remember to live life to the full.

Martin Kaymer is A Fader
The world's number 1 golfer is a worried man on the eve of the 75th US Masters. Martin Kaymer is a fader and the Augusta golf course, according to those in the know, favors the player with a draw. Kaymer is so convinced that he cannot win with his bread…
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The Basics Of A Good Golf Swing
The basics of a good golf swing are less complicated than people might think. In this article I am going to touch on four vital aspects of the set up which you need to get right before you even strike the ball if you want to get the basics of…
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How to Swing A Golf Club
Trying to learn how to swing a golf club can be very frustrating because it looks so easy yet seems so difficult to master. Even when you have played golf for years and think you know how to swing a golf club you may find that you have slipped into…
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To Play A Draw You Must Have An Inside Out Golf Swing
In a previous article I explained how an inside out golf swing can produce three different ball flights depending on the angle of the club face through impact. One of these shots is a draw and in this article I will explain why you cannot play a draw with any…
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An Inside Out Golf Swing Will Produce What Sort Of Golf Shot?
The title of this article - an inside out golf swing will produce what sort of shot - was carefully thought out because I have heard so many people say that this is the ideal shot. But is this the case? An inside out golf swing can actually produce any…
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