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I love interacting with other people socially on bussines and economical concepts. i play rugby and im a fan of cricket and soccer as well, i enjoy spending time with my family. I believe all governments of the world are not doing their best to create a global economic strength in infrastructure of the world, together we can create a powerful economic development status for every country we live in and poverty and unemployment would decrease in a staggering amount. Feel free to email me on

The Positive Being
We live in a world today where we often look at the bad and lose focus of all the good that's happening. What happened to the optimism that once flourished in mankind that led to great inventions and discoveries, the likes of Einstein, Gauss, Newton and many others that had…
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Trading Techniques: The Manifest to Portfolio Management
Financial markets are the place to be in this era, lets all be honest success is made in this industry with the correct ethical measures taken in place. But the thing that most unsuccessful traders don't get is that there's more to trading than just opening and closing trades. Most…
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Lose TO Learn Successful Trading!
Trading with the ease of knowing that success is your key priority, the mind is a master of its thought and learning how to master your trading can lead to trading with dominant perspectives over the markets. Trade your way in rolling with the big money spenders and the only…
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Trade With A Million Dollar Strategy!
Trade your way to success and look to a better future, Trading is a great way to make money work for you instead of you working for money. Trading is not a hobby or a simple job its an Investing Business Empire. Many people enter the world of trading just…
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