Lawrence3 (Street Articles Author)

Hey I'm Lawrence, I have a passion about sharing my experiences with an anxiety disorder I fully recovered from a few years ago. I have created two Articles so far but will continue to add more so please stay with me :). Also it would be fantastic if you guys could visit my website!.

I have many hobbies including:

Learning to play guitar, Reading, Keeping fit, Biking, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Helping people with anxiety conditions, Socialising, football, Tennis, Art and Travelling.

Yes there's plenty of hobbies!.

My future goals involve becoming an anxiety coach to show people how I recovered from my condition and becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador.

Why An Anxiety Disorder is Not A Mental Illness!
Many people believe that Anxiety Disorders are a mental illness, there are many myths out there on the internet today about Anxiety Disorders. Crazy myths about Anxiety Disorders Anxiety is a mental illness Anxiety is a physical illness Anxiety cannot be cured Anxiety can be cured by using medication That…
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Does the Linden Method Cure Anxiety Attacks?
Don't Panic! When I say don't panic I really mean don't panic. We all have anxiety every now and then when the threat pops up in our environment or maybe we have money worries, family bereavement but usually we can keep our emotions in control. Our anxiety levels should drop…
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