Lee Gamelin (Street Articles Author)

Hi all! My name is Lee Gamelin, and I’m a Career Services Professional and Strategic Job Search Trainer and Coach. My career is and has always been driven by a passion for helping job seekers learn how to integrate pro-action with right action through innovative transformative learning programs that lead to high employment success.

I have experienced exceptional outcomes over the past 25+ years in developing and conducting job search skills learning programs that have led to gainful employment rates in the 90th percentile at nationally accredited institutions of higher education.

I initiated, developed and conducted more than 700 job search skills programs, workshops and seminars for state licensed and nationally accredited career schools, academic institutions including Molloy College, Miami University of Ohio and Cheyney University, private placement agencies, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training, and the Chester County Pennsylvania CareerLink.

One of my proprietary learning programs earned approval for validated CEUs by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) for outstanding results. ACCET is a national institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

I'm now focusing part of my efforts on helping individual job seekers get the jobs they really want quickly by providing the most relevant information about how to achieve success in today’s job market.

There is so much information available about how to seek employment, it boggles the mind. If you perform a Google search using the word “resumes,” you will find 64,800,000 results. And if you search the word “job interviews,” you’ll get a whopping 378,000,000 results. Wow! How on earth can the average job seeker discern from all of those results what information is valid and what is totally bogus. You may not be able to, but I can! And that’s why I’m creating several resource centers online to provide job seekers with the best and most relevant information available.

I have not and will not pretend that everything I present is original...it’s not! But what I will guarantee is that everything I present is the best current information about how to get the job you really want quickly.

Have great success!


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