Lemuel (Street Articles Author)

Hi there! My name is Lemuel Anota. I'm a football player.

How I got here started when I participated in fitness forums and live discussions. I was attracted to the questions people ask about health & fitness. Then, I had this idea of writing articles and putting all useful information there.

I love staying healthy. I grew up playing football and has been a member of a great team for several years. I’m an athlete who loves natural food and is very particular with what I eat.

I started writing articles after seeing the rise of obesity and the extreme health dangers it brings to the human body. Junk food, being everywhere, not only has caused complications to human life but has reached as far as taking away the person’s desire to exercise, at the same time, pushing the body to overeat.

I think that after years of being an athlete, it's time to contribute something to help solve this problem.

I hope you'll find answers in my articles.

Stay healthy, eat right, and enjoy life!

Bad Habits That Can Improve Your Health
While bad habits are known to their hard-to-break power, some bad habits were found to help improve your health. The contributors to these studies are Harvard Medical School, University of East Anglia, Keele University’s School of Psychology, Brunel University, and University of British Columbia. The following are 10 bad habits…
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7 Health And Fitness Myths That Won't Go
Some myths are easy to forget; some would stay for a while and then fade away; and yet some myths just won’t die. Check out these health and fitness myths that people still strongly believe and the corresponding opinions from top experts in each one of these myths. Myth #1:…
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How to Stay Motivated To Exercise
Exercise, when done together with friends is easy but if you are doing it alone, it becomes a true test of self-will and discipline. The question is how far can you go? Every now and then we hear survival stories of people who experienced extremely difficult times, but survived to…
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How To Totally Get Rid Of Belly Fat
It is almost impossible to meet someone who is obese but doesn’t have problems with belly fat. The two would always go together, like copy and paste, bread and butter, or soap and water. In fact, obesity is oftentimes associated with large belly. This will give us a good idea…
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Weight Loss Tips: How To Properly Judge Your Workout Progress
How do you measure your workout progress? Do you measure it in terms of weight loss using a scale or do you calculate your progress in terms of fat loss using a precision instrument such as Skin Caliper? As I spend time in the gym, I see people who use…
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Pre Workout Nutrition: How to Get Enough Energy
How you prepare your pre-workout nutrition will greatly affect your performance during workout. In reaching your target and seeing noticeable results later you'll need to have enough energy to finish your workout routine. This is where your pre-workout meal becomes a big help in reaching your workout goals. This type…
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Effective Ways To Improve Memory
Research has revealed that exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells in the part of the brain associated with memory. Scientists from Columbia University Medical Centre, USA, used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to observe brains of humans before and after exercise. And they reported appearances of new brain…
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Post Workout Nutrition: How to Get A Leaner Body
How you spend your next 30 to 60 minutes after workout determines if your exercise will result to something completely beneficial or not. Your post-workout nutrition is a very important part of your exercise but could easily be ignored and forgotten, especially if you are in a hurry to go…
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How to Lose Belly Fat Using 1 Unique Spice
This particular spice is famous since the ancient times. It was among the gifts for monarchs, perfumes in garments, and consecrated incense. But in the present time, it is widely used as condiment in cookery and flavoring substance. A sweet aromatic and warm spice that is one of the most…
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Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners
Are you looking for a workout that is fun and trendy but can greatly develop your strength and endurance? Kettlebell workout is your answer. It will give you a unique feel when you lift it, and its handle will allow you to have a firm grip. I’d like to think…
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